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t 30 30 Health Inc.

Being a wife, mother, grandmother, working and attending school full-time, Sunday School Teacher, Financial Secretary, and a motivational speaker leaves me with little time for myself.  My goal is to live a long healthy life; therefore, T 30/30 Health has enriched my life and allowed me to find balance.  When I finally took a good look at myself, I had gained over 140 lbs. (120 overweight). I realized I had lost myself through others. I do not regret seeing about others; therefore, I will continue to do so with “BALANCE”.

Setting Goals

Goal setting is the key to success; therefore, taking one day at a time will lead you there. Your surroundings play an important role regarding your present and future. One should surround themselves around positive people who really care. When you are struggling with a health issues and is influence with negative behavior, it can cause your problem to get worse rather than better. No one knows you better than you; therefore, set goals in which you can achieve.

“Never” accept negative words and when face with trial and tribulations, always see yourself coming out of a situation.



I have had a burning desire to share my story with the world; however, I had to wait until the time was right. I am so excited about T 30/30 Health, because it has already encouraged people to take a good look at their lifestyle, and face life issues head-on using the results as a tool to become a better person.



T 30/30 Finance/T 30/30 Young Parenting

T30/30 Finance focuses on learning and sharing financial strategies for success.

T30/30 Young Parenting encourages young mom and dads to be the best they can be despite the challenges and do what is necessary to opens doors for their child.

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